10 tips to help the single parent meet the soul mate

In Quebec, statistics have shown that almost 28% of families are single-parent families, and of these, about 8 in 10 are headed by lone mothers. This means more than 355,000 people who, in addition to working and caring for all kinds of tasks, must take care of one or more children, most often by forgetting yourself .


Yet, even if lack of energy, fear of failure and lack of free time seem to be major obstacles to a fulfilled love life, it is perfectly possible to meet someone … It happened to several people , And surely also in your immediate entourage, then why not you? Here are some tips that should help you meet this very special person who will reconcile you with love …

1- Set your past

It may be a clichĂ© sentence but it is true … You will be unable to be ready to meet a new person if your ex is still haunting your nights and days. And there, you do not mean only that you are still in love. Hatred, resentment and feelings of injustice prevent you from being well with yourself. Then: we forgive, we forget, we avoid the crises … And we finally move on to something else!

2- Arrange yourself

This does not mean you have to wear high heels, makeup, or shave every day, even on weekends … Stay on your own, but still try to be always presentable! One never knows when one will fall upon our soul mate. At the convenience store, at the park, at the office, in the queue of the bank?

3- Do activities with your children

Do not hesitate to go out as often as possible with your children: hiking, skiing, shows (there are many free), trips to the library or museum, etc. And do not imagine that all the other relatives around you are in couples … Almost 1/3 are not, so you have all your chances!

4- Take time for yourself

It’s easier said than done, but there’s always a way to go. You could, for example, exchange babysitting evenings with other parents who are in the same situation as you. Then take advantage of it to do an activity you really like: dance classes, cooking classes, shows, or other … If you go alone, everyone will know that you are not a couple!

5- Try the dating sites

This method of encounter is not suitable for everyone, but trying can not hurt. Many people found their soul mates on a website, even those who were reluctant to start with. Maybe that’s your case?

6- Talk to your friends

Friends of friends are not always “loosers” and it is quite possible that your neighbor or your colleague of the office knows someone who seems to suit you perfectly … without daring to talk about it! Without seeming to be desperate, you may slide a word in the conversation from time to time to let you know that you have nothing against an “blind-date”. ”

7- Accept all invitations

Whether it’s a colleague’s Halloween party, an afternoon at the park, a kids party or a professional 5-7, try to be there. Of course, last minute invitations will be a bit difficult to organize with children, but if you have a network of close relatives (family, friends, other single parents), it should still be possible to come out at least one or two Once a month … And it only takes once to meet this very special person!

8- Do not complicate matters unnecessarily

Well, someone “normal” (that is, someone who does not put you off at first glance) has approached you unexpectedly … Do not start to disparage this person even before To have tried. One is never in love one minute before it is! So anything is possible. Do not tell yourself it will never work, you have no chance, you do not have time. Perhaps this person has made a great effort on his own shyness to speak to you. Maybe it’s also someone who has children like familyissuestoday.yolasite.com. Maybe you have an incredible number of commonalities. How will you know if you eclipse at the slightest smile that seems a bit too enterprising?

9- Take the lead

You have an eye on X, who is single (with or without children, to choose). You see that you do not leave it indifferent … What stops you from taking the first step, to propose An outing, a cafĂ©, a show? The worst that can happen is that the other will say no. And even here, it may not be a definitive one. Maybe the person was not free, but your boldness will encourage him to take another step soon!

10- Finally … Have confidence in yourself and do not be discouraged!

Just because you missed a relationship (or more) does not mean you no longer deserve an intimate relationship with another human being. It’s just that this person did not suit you (or more). See life on the right side, be merry, sport your best smile … And you will make someone crack very quickly!


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